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Find your own inner Satya (truth) through self care and awareness!


SATYA is a practice of truthfulness. In the Yoga Sutras, SATYA is the second of the five yamas (restraints) that guides us to think, speak, and act with integrity. “Sat” means “that which exists, that which is”. It’s about seeing and communicating things as they actually are, not as we wish them to be. I also learned that what we experience as truth may be different from tomorrow’s truth and so on. Practicing Satya requires staying open to the truth in the present moment as it reveals itself. Through my own healing journey I learned that accepting and moving through the truth wasn’t always a walk in the park, but the more and more layers I uncovered I was able to find the strength within each truth. Each layer took me closer to my inner self and the more loving I was with myself and my process, the more I appreciated feeling everything, so that I could understand it and move to living a freer life. It’s a work in progress, but with every new day, every new client, I find even more and more freedom! The Shamanic work is what helped me finally take my personal power back and honor my energy by understanding where I gave my light away.

It is my aim at SATYA HEALINGS to help others find their own inner truth; to share the connections and the tools I’ve learned along the way. With the modalities I’ve learned and practice, I believe I can facilitate uncovering the truth within your own body, mind, and soul and hold the space for you to process it all. I help you dig deep to find the missing pieces within your spirit that have left you feeling less whole. Through the focus on awareness and self-care, we can make a difference!








Energywork massage

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Malas for friends

108 Beads, Reiki infused, hand-knotted + intuitively customized for your energy!



Jac Kalea Patio

HHP, LMT, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Intuitive/Mediumship Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor