How do I know if healing sessions with you is right for me?

There are many types of healing around the world. Everyone gravitates towards something different. I believe that different practitioners can help guide you in different ways. If you have found me, and you have that gut feeling that this is something you are being guided to do, then it is absolutely right for you. There are no coincidences! You are ready and feel drawn to work on some deeply personal “stuff”! Always trust your own inner guidance, even if I was recommended for you.


Which type of session is right for me?

Shamanic Energy Healing Session:

You have been feeling like something in your life is just off. You may feel overwhelmed, or anxious. You may even just feel excited to have begun the spiritual awakening process and are looking to dive deeper into what your life has really been about. You are ready to dive deeper into your inner self and to do the work to live a fuller life. We believe that any imbalance and/or pain is caused by an imbalance in the Spirit.

By connecting to the earth and the skies, our ancestors, and the four directions, the shamanic spirit medicine flows through to help you heal on all levels. Each session begins with a casual consultation, followed by an energy medicine healing. We then begin the recorded shamanic journey where I travel to non-ordinary reality (spirit realms) for clarity and deep healing and ending with sealing and integration back in ordinary reality.

These sessions include anything from extracting energy blocks (intrusions) , releasing unhealthy cording, transmuting negative energies, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, changing soul agreements from this lifetime or past lives, crossing souls over (psychopomp), house clearings, etc. Every session looks different. Unfortunately, we cannot order these up like a spa menu, but we will be guided by the Great Spirit every step of the way as to what is in right alignment for you.

The Shamanic work is just the beginning. It is a shaman’s job to release your physical, emotional, or mental ailments, but after that the healing is up to you to keep going it going! How? Through deep reflection and awareness, to maintain these new changes as they integrate into the physical world.

All Shamanic work is done within the Spirit. As the spirit changes it may take on average 4-10 weeks for the changes to show up in your physical reality. How will you know? One day it just happens. You react differently than you would normally react in a situation (for ex. If you have been struggling with a certain self-judgment, you look in the mirror and those judgments quiet down or if you have been late night eating all your life and one day you just don’t seem to want to do that anymore)

Restorative Healing Session

If you are looking to be rejuvenated in between shamanic sessions or have had (a) very hard week(s) and need to come back to balance, this is the right session for you.

We work on clearing your energy body and restoring it back to where it operates naturally balanced on its own. With the use of Shamanic Energy Medicine, Reiki and sound healing, we bring your chakras (energy centers) back into balance and alignment.  We address any issues and remedies at the end of the session to help you better moving forward.

This is a mostly quiet and relaxing session (except for music & sound healing).

Energy Healing Massage

This option is great for people with muscle tension and stress, who are looking for an energy healing as well. Many times (especially as the spiritually awakened) we are looking for a deeper experience during a massage. I am fully present with you as I work to relieve tension and pain in the body, while simultaneously clearing your energetic field.

Our muscles (especially the fascia) store memories. As I massage, I am able to find points within the body that are holding painful memories and release them along with physical tension. Continued sessions are also great for re-teaching your nervous system how to relax and move away from constant tension and flight or flight. The session is finished with about 10 mins of concentrated energy healing.  

You will leave definitely feeling more connected and much lighter than when you came in.

[Adding fire cupping ($10) will help increase the production and flow of new blood, deeply detoxifying your entire system. To add, just write it in the notes section of your appointment request and be sure to refrain from any energy depleting activities for 24-48 after Cupping (like heavy exercise, mind-altering substance, and sexual activity)]


What is soul retrieval?

Soul retrieval is the process by which a Shaman leaves ordinary reality and journeys into non-ordinary reality in search for soul fragments you have left behind. These soul parts can be in other places, dimensions, and with other people. When we experience traumatic events, our soul will often leave a piece of itself behind in order to survive the experience. In some cases, these soul parts are taken from us and then sought out by the Shaman to retrieve and restore them to the Spirit to feel more whole again. Some signs of soul loss are memory loss, feeling stuck, loss of joy, broken hearts, loss of power and vitality, feeling disconnected from yourself or others, and depression.

From a multidimensional perspective, we have always been whole. During trauma, we turn off certain “light switches” on our inner “circuit boards”. Soul retrieval is the story back to those switches so we can re-activate those gifts within you.


Why do I need to change my agreements?

Our soul agreements are the basis of all of our belief systems. These agreements can come from other lifetimes, or unconsciously during childhood. Old agreements that are no longer serving you stop you from moving forward or changing certain habits and patterns.

By uprooting these old agreements from the spirit, we achieve long-term results. It is in these agreements that we begin to take our sovereignty back, learning that we have the power to create the reality we want to live in.

When you are trying to change a pattern and you fail over and over again, or you enter the same type of relationship time and time again, these are examples or old agreements still in place. We have thousands of agreements, but if we get to at least the 8-12 core agreements, you will see your life change in the most amazing ways.

Sometimes these changes happen overnight and some are more subtle. Then one day you just stop reacting or behaving the we way you used to.


What is Power Animal Retrieval?

This is a method used to connect us to helping spirits that show themselves in the form of animals. They can provide us with power, protection, support, and luck! If you have had a bad streak of things happen recently, you or your family are in a funk, this could be a sign of power animal loss.


What do you mean by Power?

I’m not talking about power through control or domination. I mean power as the ability to define yourself or have the energy to create. Without personal power, we have a hard time accomplishing anything, even small day to day tasks, losing the will to care for ourselves. It is common for people to lose power, give it a way, or to have power stolen (especially if you are an empath)

Learning to take back and hold your own personal power is vital to living a fuller life. As you start to take your power back, you will notice the people in your life react differently to you (maybe even triggered) as you remove the power source they once relied heavily upon. What’s great about keeping your personal power too is you feel more confident and trusting everyday, and the nice glow it gives your face isn’t bad either!


What does a typical session look like?

Each session begins with a chat to see where you are at in your healing journey and for me to learn of the concerns you have been dealing with recently. I may use sage or palo santo to clear your field as we talk.

All sessions are performed with you lying down face up on the massage table. If you need extra pillows or bolsters to be propped up, please write that in the notes section before submitting your appointment request

I begin with clearing your energetic field with the use of drums or any other sound healing, including toning with my own voice, instruments, as well as the use of hands on healing. I use light language and crystals as well to aid you in deeper healing if it is called for.

Once your energy field is clear, we begin the journey by the use of the drum beat. Each journey is recorded for you to keep, as it is often difficult for me to remember what is said in an altered state of consciousness and for your reference, especially if new agreements are made. It’s always nice to go back to the recordings after some time. If we retrieve soul parts or power animals, a rattle is used to integrate them into you. Any guidance from spirit will be giving during this time.

At the end of the journey, I help you integrate back in ordinary reality with hands on healing, song and sound, sealing the healing up and grounding you back to Mother Earth before you leave.

At the end of each session, there is a little time built in to allow you to integrate. It is best to let the healing continue without coming back into the logical mind. You can always contact me with questions as everything integrates.

Other than this, every session looks and feels different for each person.


What can I expect to feel after a session?

Depending on the state you come in, you could feel very light and refreshes, or heavy. I often find that the older the attachments and the more suppressed the energy, you will feel much lighter after the session. Hours later you may find yourself feeling very tired as your body has released a lot during the session. Be as gentle with yourself during this integration period. The integration of the healing is just as important, if not more important than the session itself.

Those that feel heavier after the session tend to be those that spend a lot of time in the head or in the spirit realms, rather than here grounded on Earth. So sometimes the Great Spirit will help guide you back into your body and on this plane of existence so as to return back to Earth, the place you chose to live this lifetime in. This feeling is not the same as the feeling of heaviness from negativity or low level energies. This feeling is very Earthy, grounding, and present.

Most people leave with a knowingness that something within them has shifted forever and an even greater curiosity of this amazing Universe we inhabit.


What is journeywork?

When a person journeys, a part of the soul leaves the body and travels to a spiritual aspect of places on the earth, above or below it. It happens by shifting awareness or consciousness in order to allow part of your soul to leave the body. The slow respective rhythm of the drum shifts your own rhythm so you can journey.

The journey is then achieved by a person’s intent. The person intends to leave and so it does. In journeywork, I am able to visit different aspects of the spirit world for information, and even journey on the health of the body. Journeys often appear like dreams, where truly anything is possible, even if it doesn’t seem logical to the mind.

From a multidimensional perspective, the journey really happens within, as you journey within to find the answers, as they all exist within your own DNA. It’s learning how to access it that takes practice!


How long does it take to integrate a healing?

Depending on how old the patterns of imbalance have been in existence for you, healings can take days up to even months to integrate. Drink plenty of water, especially within the first 48 hours as you are rebuilding and resetting. Although the work has already been done on the Spirit level, it takes some time to trickle down to the physical world. Be patient with your healing process and know that it can definitely be challenging at times, especially when we want results right away. There is no easy fix. The shamanic work is NOT band-aid work. The deep work takes time, just as it took much time get you to a place of imbalance. You will be getting used to a new way of being.


Do I need to do anything before a session to prepare?

It is always helpful to consume more water a day or two before your session as we will be releasing a lot of energy. As your body rebuilds, it needs extra fluids to sustain the releasing process.

I also ask that 24 hours before your session, not to be under the influence of alcohol or any mind-altering substances.


What should I wear?

Wear clothes that you can lay comfortably on the massage table for as long as the session you booked! Pajamas are totally acceptable! If you get cold, I have a table heater and always have extra blankets! Many people, as their energy field gets clearer and clearer, start to get much colder as the session goes by.

If you have any special needs or requests you can always put it in the notes section before submitting your appointment request.


How long should I book if it is my first session with you?

I always recommend at least a 90 minute session


How can I make the most of my session?

Each session is a co-creation between you, me, and our team of guides. The best you can do is be open and trusting that you are in the right place at the right time. Keeping your perspectives open and revisiting the temptation to judge your own experience by creating expectations will definitely help you make the most of your own inner healing.


Do I have to believe in something?

No beliefs or faith is required. Just come to the session with an open mind. The more you let go of any preconceived notions about healing, the better the experience as this is a co-creation between all of us.

Shamanism is not a religion. It is a set of techniques that have been used for thousands of years, with the belief that spirits exist. You don’t need to subscribe to any beliefs (other than your own power to heal yourself from within) to make this work effective.


What type of payments do you take?

My preferred method of payment is Venmo (@satyahealings)

However, I do take all of the following:


All major credit cards

PayPal (PayPal.Me/SatyaHealings)

Cash App ($satyahealings)  


How many sessions will I need?

It is helpful to receive sessions over time. As to how frequent will be completely up to your own discernment and intuition. If your session included soul retrieval and new agreements, those often take a while to integrate. I highly suggest waiting for those pieces to integrate before your next session. We can always do restorative healing sessions in between as different triggers and emotions come up to “train” yourself how to continually come back into balance with the web of life.


How does a distance healing work?

It starts by talking about the concerns that you have. I do the distance healing at a certain date and time. I will let you know when the healing begins as it is helpful to lay down and feel the healing for yourself for at least the first 15 minutes, but is not necessary.

After assessing your energy body and making notes, I connect with your spirit energetically and I continue most of the healing during journeywork. All journeys are recorded and sent to you with notes.

For distance healings all I need is your full name and a photo.


How can a healing session help/benefit me?

Healing helps you get in alignment not only with your natural state of being, but also with the web of life. It deepens your connection with yourself and your relationships with others by awareness and taking responsibility for your own hurts and reactions.

It helps increase mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual clarity so you can live a life that is more full and whole. It helps with the release of tension and stress, subconscious fears and worries.

These sessions reveal to you where you have leaked your energy and given your power away. They empower you to be in charge of your own energy and well-being. It is in healing yourself that radiates out to the rest of the world, especially those closest to you. When we work on what is stopping us from living our fullest lives and how to handle the emotions and stresses of everyday life, we stop projecting those stresses and emotions onto others, ceasing the cycle of hurt that goes on over and over again.

A sense of renewal and freedom comes when blockages are removed and you can move through life with a sense of inner joy and peace, still accepting and loving the darker parts of yourself, the very human parts too! You don’t need to be fixed. You are not broken. You have just been hurt. And the healing of those hurts is what sets you free.


How do I know the healing is “working”?

Effects can be huge and immediate for some, but more often than not the healing is gradual. You may experience waves of emotional releases as your old “system” combats the “new system”. These subtle shifts happen over time until one day you just stop reacting the same way that you used to in the same situations. It is then you know you have fully integrated.


Can I be made to do anything against my will?

No. The goal is to increase your personal power, vitality, and self-determination. Your higher self is always asked for permission before any energy shifts take place. We will never move or change anything that your system will not be ready for. It is imperative for me to follow a very high standard of integrity during each and every session and imperative for you to communicate any uncomfortability during the session as well!


Where are you located?

San Marcos, CA in San Diego County.


What guides do you work with?

I work with my higher self, angels, ascended masters, my shamanic guides, reiki guides, higher dimensional galactic light beings, power animals, and ancestors. I have deeply fostered relationships with these guides. Those energies that are needed the most during a session will be the ones that come though.

I also work with your higher self and higher guidance team during the session.


What do you do to prepare for a session?

First, I make sure my energetic field is clean so I can be a I clear channel for the healing medicine to flow in. I light a candle to strengthen the connection to my guides, asking for illumination through the darkness to see the truth. I offer a clearing smoke (usually Palo Santo) to the ancestors (both my own and of the land). I ask my guides to set the vibration of the room to match whatever would be most helpful for your healing (so that you’re not constantly fighting the vibration either consciously or unconsciously).

Then, I go into meditation/journey for any insight into what it is that we will be working on during the session and check in with your chakras and energetic field for blockages, fears, and intrusions. I try not to get too much information, as the session turns out much better when I, myself, have no expectations.

After each session, I clear the space of any residual energies and offer a prayer of gratitude to all those who have helped to co-create in the healing.


Is my privacy respected?

Absolutely! Every session is confidential. However, I do recommend that you share your experiences with people who love and support you as they will see and often times become affected by the inner work you are doing.