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Custom Intuitive Energywork, Bodywork, & Healing Jewelry. Find your own inner Satya (truth) through self care and awareness!

Malas for Friends


Handcrafted, custom-made malas that are Reiki infused, hand-knotted + intuitively customized for your energy!


108 Beads

Reiki infused, hand-knotted + intuitively customized for your energy!


Malas for Friends started out during my yogic journey. I has just finished my yoga teacher training and was gifted my first handmade Mala by my teacher Lindsay Russo. It was made of sandalwood and smelled so good! It really helped me dive deep into a meditation practice that made it easier for my restless mind to stay present. I then found my next Mala made of Amethyst Crystals at a local Yoga Studio and fell in love with how it felt around my neck. From there I just had to learn more about these magical stones. I learned that theses stones are only magical with intention and that they magnify its power with your thoughts. I learned how to make one on my own and kept making them with whatever stones I was drawn to. 

I started wearing Malas around my neck and could feel myself changing everyday. I felt like it was that friend that inspires you, always there ready to pick you up when you are feeling less than. I also noticed that people were instantly drawn to them. Was it the crystals or the intention that they were drawn to? I think that people who naturally want to heal look for vibrations and tools that will help them do so, without even consciously knowing it. How beautiful is that?! When we are in a space of healing and listening, we receive signs that help us along the way. 

I began making them as gifts for friends to share the healing love, then people started asking if I could make them for their friends, and then even further to friends of friends and so on! I realized that I had the ability to Reiki infuse these tools specifically for each person with a special intention. I started out only making custom Malas, intuitively created by connecting to each specific person’s energy and working with their spirit guides to create a tool that was fun to wear and also helpful in reaching the vibration they desired. 

Along with my custom Malas, my mini collections are now inspired by the friends who have guided my own life towards healing and I hope that your friendly Mala brings you all you need to live a joyous and balanced life! 

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Galactic Friends Collection

Made with one specific Star Seed in mind and has been filled with light codes.




I love my malas! They are beautifully made and the quality of the craftsmanship is top notch. Jac will work with you and personally make each mala to fit your needs. Her creative is amazing. I let her have free reign on the design and colors and I was blown away when she finally gave mine to me. The malas are perfect for gifts. I’ve already ordered a few for friends! Thank, Jac!!
— Gen Cruz
I heart my mala!! Jac pours all of her love and effort into each one she makes and you can truly feel her presence when wearing it. Each one is custom to what your soul needs at that time in your life and it’s truly a beautiful piece of healing art. *’s the best outfit accessory for any attire.
— Cora Wolfe
I absolutely love my mala! From the moment I picked it up I knew that there was a lot of love and positive energy put into it. Jac custom makes each of these based on what the receiver is in need of. I can’t wait to get my hands on another one!
— Paul Gabriola
I didn’t tell Jac about my personal issues but when my mala arrived, each stone and been picked specifically to help me with the exact energies I was struggling to balance. The quality of the stones are superb and the attention to details, including how to work with your stones and care for them, are all included. I would recommend a mala necklace for anyone looking for a priceless gift.
— Sharon M. Gully
Hand knotted and made with love and the most special intentions customized to you! Love my mala and I always feel energized with my moonstone :) Jac always pays close attention to detail from the bead quality and selection to match your personal energy which makes a big difference!
— Kristine Patio Cruz
Jac puts her heart, soul & beautiful energy into all of her gorgeous malas.. I love mine and am having another made for my daughter.
— Kristal Hardy


Mala FAQ


What is a Mala?

A japa meditation tool used with a mantra repeated 108 or more times. The Mala becomes what you want it to be, engaging the energy of the crystals to help you manifest your dreams and wishes.


How do I meditate with my Mala?

Choose a spot and sit comfortably with your spine straight in your eyes closed. Take some deep breaths to become present and choose an intention. Choose a mantra to repeat such as “Shanti” (peace) or “I am love”. Hold your Mala in your right hand, resting on your middle finger. (We skip the index finger because it represents the ego) Using your thumb, count each bead starting at the Guru bead (the bottom bead) and recite your mantra. Do this 108 times, traveling around the mall until you once again reach the Guru bead. You can choose to do it 108 more times by turning around and traveling around the same path you just came!


Why 108 beads?

108 is said to be a sacred number, 1 represents the Universe or your own highest truth, 0 stands for emptiness and humility in your spiritual practice, and 8 is for infinity and timelessness. It is also said to represent the 108 energy lines to the heart among many other reasons.


How do I cleanse my Mala?

  • Leave your Mala outside in the Moonlight to charge your crystals, especially under a new or full moon (the window cill works fine too)

  • Keep the Mala in your cotton pouch with the Selenite or any other cleansing stone

  • Use it to meditate with a Mantra

  • Place it in the sun for a short period of time to recharge

  • Use the smoke of sage or palo santo sticks


How often do I need to cleanse my Mala?

If you wear it everyday, cleanse it everyday. Your Mala is attuned to cleanse itself on its own given time. Take a break from wearing it for 30 minutes and ask the Mala to cleanse itself! You will feel your Mala needs a cleanse when it gets too warm for comfort, too heavy, or doesn’t make you feel good anymore.


What happens if my Mala breaks?

Since your custom Mala is attuned for a specific intention, this can happen! First take note of the changes that have taken place within you. Have you been able to let go of something you were holding on to? Do you feel less stressed? I’ve seen Malas break the week before a baby was born, after an energetic breakthrough, and even a release of a low vibrational attachment. If your Mala breaks before 90 days, I will be happy to fix it for free! Otherwise we can chat about transforming your current Mala.


My Mala doesn’t seem like it fits me anymore. What do I do?

As you transform, your Mala does to! I have many Malas I choose from daily depending on my needs. If you like to wear the same Mala daily and find that it doesn’t serve you anymore, I can transform it! I reconnect with your energy and allow a new Mala to be designed. This may include some of your original beads if they serve you, mixed with new ones that match your new energy needs.