Restorative energy healing

If you are looking to be rejuvenated or need help integrating in between shamanic sessions, have had (a) very hard week(s) and need to come back to balance or just like to receive regular energy balancing, this is the right session for you.

We work on clearing your energy body and restoring it back to where it operates naturally balanced on its own. With the use of Shamanic Energy Medicine, Reiki and sound healing, we bring your chakras (energy centers) back into balance and alignment.  We address any issues and remedies at the end of the session to help you stay aligned moving forward.

These sessions will help you move through tension, bring deep relaxation, and provide new vitality within.

This is a mostly quiet and relaxing session (except for music & sound healing).

90 Mins / $155 | 2 Hours / $188

Add Cupping Treatment : $10

[Adding fire cupping will help increase the production and flow of new blood, deeply detoxifying your entire system. To add, just write it in the notes section of your appointment request and be sure to refrain from any energy depleting activities for 24-48 after Cupping (like heavy exercise, mind-altering substance, and sexual activity)]