InTuitiVe & self -grOWth Mentorship


What is a one-on-one spiritual mentorship?

Mentoring is a semi-structured guidance program where I share my knowledge, skills, and experience to assist in the progression of your own personal and spiritual growth. It is something that can last for a short period of time to many years.

Mentoring is not just about giving guidance, but showing you how to receive your own guidance from spirit. It is about motivating and empowering you to identify your own issues, triggers, and goals. I help you find ways to resolve and reach them, not by doing it for you, or expecting you to do it a certain way, but by understanding your own unique gifts and abilities.

By working one-on-one, I can focus my attention on your specific needs and adjust our session to your personal pace. It is helpful to see where your own blockages are, based on your own patterns, soul agreements, and life experiences. As we dive into how to receive your own intuition, I can pinpoint those blockages as we go along.

How do I know if this is right for me?

For some the feeling begins as you spiritually awaken. You start to notice that you have special gifts. You may start to see synchronicities, signs and symbols from Spirit on a daily basis. You wonder what this all means! You also are much more aware of your own personal triggers and how they have affected your own life and want to learn more about YOU. You have realized that YOU are not a victim and it is up to you to improve your life!

Sometimes it begins with being totally drained by your own gifts and feeling fed up with taking on the energies of other. You are looking for a place to learn about your own energy and how to honor it.

For others, it begins as your intuitive abilities start to ramp back up and your curiosity about the spirit realms equally increases. You just HAVE to know more about how to connect to your own guidance.

Whatever the reason, it is something that you are pulled to within; an eagerness to learn more, even if you don’t exactly know what that “more” is, you just know you need to do something. You can feel your soul yearning for growth, and so your soul has specifically led you to me.

How long is this mentorship?

This mentorship is set-up in phases. We meet for an hour, once a week, for 6 weeks. (90 mins on day one) Five of the sessions are learning sessions and one can be an optional healing session. This healing session can occur at any point within each phase as it is needed; whether it is to address old agreements that are keeping you blocked from expanding or receiving intuition or we can also use it to integrate into the body all that you have learned throughout this phase.

How many phases do I need?

This is completely up to you! One phase might be enough to get you settled in your journey or you may need more than three to feel really confident with setting forth on your spiritual path.

If you do decide on more than one phase, it is important that we take some time off to integrate and practice all that has been learned before starting a new phase.

What is covered under this mentorship?

Based on your personal growth goals, any of the following can be covered:

  • Using different tools to develop your intuition

  • How to connect to your spirit guides

  • Journeywork

  • Chakra Balancing

  • How to heal yourself energetically and daily

  • Understanding your own energy (great for empaths!)

  • Self-Protection (from negative energies/spirits)

  • Dealing with Triggers and Emotional Traumas

  • Working with Power Animals

  • Understanding where you give your light away

  • How to take back and hold your personal power

  • Clearing your Home & Space

  • How to command your energetic field

  • Self-Care Methods

  • Mediumship

  • Divination (getting guidance for others)

  • Meditation + Visualization

  • Pranayama (directing the flow of energy through the breath)

  • Multidimensionality/Star Seed Missionwork

  • Transmuting Energy

  • Manifesting (how to raise your vibes to the level of the life you want)

  • Receiving activations + light codes

  • Right Alignment & Right Timing


Why did you become a mentor?

Honestly, because clients kept asking me! They were eager to learn more about the spiritual work, past the place of initial awakening, into a strong need to find and fulfill their life’s mission.

For empaths, I found that the best way to know what emotion or energy belonged to you or not, is to get to know your own energy. For everyone else, I found an overwhelming amount of power loss, whether given away subconsciously or unconsciously, leading to a great amount of imbalance. We have all been living this way for quite some time, but during the awakening process, the awareness of it all comes shockingly for most.

I felt the strong urge and responsibility to help others take back their own personal power and I knew that I could do it. With my ability to see past the darkness and see the truth, I have been able to help others learn more about themselves, something that is often suppressed in our society rather than encouraged.

My aim is to help you in whatever phase of your spiritual growth, whether you are completely new to this whole “world” or whether you have been at it for a while and have hit a wall. Maybe you just love to learn and being in a program helps keep you disciplined.

Will you teach me to do what you do?

In your own way, yes! It is important, however, if you are looking to do this work, that we work on your own filters, triggers, and judgements FIRST. It is extremely important to be the clearest channel possible for this work. The clearer you are, the more light you can share with others, and the better mirror you can be for your clients.

You will need at least 3-4 phases, over at least 8 months of self-disciplined, self-work before we move into working on clients.

Is there a certificate of completion?

Technically no, but if it makes you feel better I can make you one! However, I do try to stray away from the need for external validation to prove to you that you are one of the most amazing beings in the Universe!

How many mentees do you take?

Up to 4 per quarter.

What is my role as a mentee?

Your role is your commitment to your self-growth, the ability to be present and not too hard on yourself. Re-learning all you have already known can be a challenging process. It is important that you always voice your concerns and stresses so we can work to alleviate them.  

If you need more than a week to integrate from a session, we can always plan that accordingly as well! With all the activations and learning, the body may slow down and force you to rest, needing more time to integrate the changes. Time is an illusion. We work on the intuitive clock!

What if I feel stuck in between sessions?

I will be available to you by text/e-mail throughout each phase!

Do you offer this virtually?

Yes! We can complete your Mentorship through Skype or FaceTime.

“I’m still not sure!”

That’s perfectly normal. This means that you want to learn more, but may not be quite ready yet or I may not be the right mentor for you. ALWAYS follow your intuition! When it is the right timing for you, you WILL know. There will be an unbelievable force that moves you forward, no matter what fears, worries, or excuses come up.

How much is each phase?

One-on-one : $777 (one hour sessions ; first session is 90 mins)

Bring a friend : $555 per person (80 min sessions)

(yes, we can totally work out a payment plan!)


"Jac’s mentorship has been incredibly transformative. I knew that I needed to take my healing journey one step further and do 1:1 sessions with her in order to fully step into my power. I’ve been able to see my meditation practice increase as well as feel/see energy more intensely, and also gain an overall understanding of what it is to be an empath and how to protect my energy. I’ve also learned what some of my limiting beliefs are and how to overcome them. My intuition is getting stronger everyday and I’m so grateful to have Jac as a mentor to guide me! Jac is the best!!"
-Nikie N

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