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Custom Intuitive Energywork, Bodywork, & Healing Jewelry. Find your own inner Satya (truth) through self care and awareness!


Jac is an amazing healer with a huge heart of gold. I’ve experienced her magical massage hands and felt her beautiful calming energy. I highly recommend her and any of her healing services.
— Kristal Hardy
I met Jac through a close friend almost 2 years ago. There are not enough words to describe what an incredible soul she is. She has seen me through conceiving my first child to an incredibly painful divorce. She has helped me heal past traumas and taught me so much about myself. She has an amazing way of guiding and helping you through your souls journey. I truly feel blessed to have crossed paths with her and look forward to many more incredible sessions with her. (Shamanic Energywork)
— Jenn Mason
Jac’s mentorship has been incredibly transformative. I knew that I needed to take my healing journey one step further and do 1:1 sessions with her in order to fully step into my power. I’ve been able to see my meditation practice increase as well as feel/see energy more intensely, and also gain an overall understanding of what it is to be an empath and how to protect my energy. I’ve also learned what some of my limiting beliefs are and how to overcome them. My intuition is getting stronger everyday and I’m so grateful to have Jac as a mentor to guide me! Jac is the best!!
— Nikie Nelson
Satya Healings does wonders! I came here on my day off and received a hot stone massage for my aching body. Jac did a great job! The heat of the stones was just right and I liked how Jac would ask whether the pressure she was using was to my liking. I also mentioned that I had a headache for the past 3 days that could not be remedied using standard Tylenol and Motrin, Jac recommended I also get a Crystal Healing. After the session my headache was gone! Highly recommended - the environment is soothing and the owner is a true professional practitioner!
— Jill Fontimayor
I had a big and stressful move across the country to come back to California. Jac made an amazing mala for me. The purpose of it is “ease of transitioning.” I am so grateful for this mala; it has evolved into helping me with everyday life and is a constant reminder to recite my mantras. On top of that, it is absolutely beautiful and I get complimented on it all the time!

Jac is also an amazing yoga instructor and I made it a point to go to her classes weekly. It is clearly not “just a business” to her as she has a passion for yoga and for helping others. It is evident whether through mala making or teaching that she cares about each client individually and wants them to have the best experience.

I cannot attest to her other services, but I would love to try them someday, as I have no doubt they will be excellent. I highly recommend Satya Healings to anyone living in San Diego or just stopping by, go see Jac!
— Nikki Ito
Man, I dozed off into a soothing wonderland! Luckily it was at the very end of my healing, so I was able to thoroughly enjoy my experience. My entire work day is spent standing upright, so having Jaclyn treat my aching muscles & joints was such a pleasure. I’d recommend her healings without hesitation!
— Brandon Hicks
Hands down the BEST massage I have ever received! In addition to the massage I received a cupping treatment as well. It is so great to be able to get a tailored massage session just for what I needed. Jac’s energy and space is so relaxed and loving. Can’t wait for my next session!
— Wendy Valeros
Stop what you’re doing right now and book a TANDEM HEALING with Jac & Will! Two weeks prior to my session with them I had gone through a minor, but invasive surgery. I was achey and sore from head to toe, but my main source of pain was my back. Not going to lie, I was a little intimidated by having two people work on me simultaneously, but was magical. For the entire length of my session I was able to get out of my head (which is not something I do easily) and truly relax. I was borderline about to start snoring. I totally lost track of who’s hands belonged to who because both Jac & Will were working wonders. By the end of it, I didn’t want to get up; I was insanely comfortable. Not only that, but once I managed to get into a sitting position my back felt AMAZING! I’m about 3 weeks out from my session and I’m still feeling amazing! Truly, you will not regret it and you’ll be back for more!!
— Christy H.
(Tandmem Healing) Extraordinarily relaxing! My mind traveled to another place in time... their energies were so balanced, I couldn’t tell one from the other... highly recommend.
— Denise Fultz
I didn’t tell Jac about my personal issues but when my mala arrived, each stone and been picked specifically to help me with the exact energies I was struggling to balance. The quality of the stones are superb and the attention to details, including how to work with your stones and care for them, are all included. I would recommend a mala necklace for anyone looking for a priceless gift.
— Sharon M. Gully
It all started with my mala... I received one of Jac’s beautiful malas as a gift from a dear friend of mine. I loved it and all the vibes it brought! Then, I started seeing Jac for Shamanic work; my life has completely changed for the better. I’ve never felt better since seeing her! Over the last year, my energy has shifted and the crystals on my mala were no longer a proper fit for my energy. I gave them back to Jac and she switched up my mala to something more appropriate for my energy without a problem! Thank you, Jac, for everything!
— Priscilla Pichay
I love my malas! They are beautifully made and the quality of the craftsmanship is top notch. Jac will work with you and personally make each mala to fit your needs. Her creative is amazing. I let her have free reign on the design and colors and I was blown away when she finally gave mine to me. The malas are perfect for gifts. I’ve already ordered a few for friends! Thank, Jac!!
— Gen Cruz
I heart my mala!! Jac pours all of her love and effort into each one she makes and you can truly feel her presence when wearing it. Each one is custom to what your soul needs at that time in your life and it’s truly a beautiful piece of healing art. *’s the best outfit accessory for any attire.
— Cora Wolfe
I absolutely love my mala! From the moment I picked it up I knew that there was a lot of love and positive energy put into it. Jac custom makes each of these based on what the receiver is in need of. I can’t wait to get my hands on another one!
— Paul Gabriola
Hand knotted and made with love and the most special intentions customized to you! Love my mala and I always feel energized with my moonstone :) Jac always pays close attention to detail from the bead quality and selection to match your personal energy which makes a big difference!
— Kristine Cruz

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